Dapper Dan <br> Talks About <br> Going From the <br> Underground to <br>Gucci
Dapper Dan <br> Talks About <br> Going From the <br> Underground to <br>Gucci
Photo Credit: Dapper Dan

The legendary designer talks about how he beat the odds, shaped the look of hip hop, and changed fashion forever.

How it all started? "I went from refashioning fashion to have fashion refashion me. I was born and raised in the poorest section of Harlem. My first experience was with crime. I became a professional gambler, and to be a professional gambler, you have to be a professional conman. I knew that I had to dress nice and keep a pocket full of money, but I didn't want to be part of that life anymore. 

So, I decided that I wanted to open up a store because I like luxury clothes. I like expensive stuff. Silks, alligators, crocodiles, and furs, and cater to the people who I knew in the community: the hustle element, the criminal element, and sell those types of things. And that's how it started."

He talks about his deal with Gucci and about his plans and aspirations. "Gucci allowed for me to break Jim Crow barriers in fashion. So, now my real freedom is coming. This is going to be the biggest stage of my life. My plan is to try to work with young designers and show them how everything I did was connected to the culture and how to translate culture because that's the key to what I do."

"On the dollar bill, you see 'E pluribus unum', and you see what's happening now. America has the ability to bring us all together. So I want my legacy to be that I did something to make that happen."

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