Formaje<br> Corporate Identity
Formaje<br> Corporate Identity
Photo Credit: Ana Mirats Studio

Take a look at the graphic and corporate identity for Formaje, an artisan cheese brand from Madrid, Spain.

Formaje is a point of sale promoting the excellence of artisan cheese made by Clara Díez y Adrián Pellejo.

Founded by Ana Mirats in 2013 in Barcelona, ANA MIRATS STUDIO is working interdisciplinarily and through different design areas. Their projects are created through a collaborative, dynamic, and creative process seeking an organic relation with clients, with a purpose to examine different needs that clients, the market, and the society are presenting. Their collaborative way of working has led them to develop a compelling perspective and the flexibility to experiment within different fields and recognize each project as an opportunity for creation.

Ana Mirats Studio is based in Barcelona, Spain. If you want to see more of their work, click here to visit their website.