Gwyneth Paltrow on Goop and Embracing Ambition
Gwyneth Paltrow on Goop and Embracing Ambition
Photo Credit: The New York Times

In this video, you will learn how embracing ambition can be a humbling process and that being ambitious is beautiful!

Gwyneth talks about how she used to think that ambition was a dirty word, that you as an actor are supposed to be compliant and pliable, and if you were ambitious about your acting career, you were looked down upon.

We’ll hear valuable stories on Gwyneth’s acting beginnings as well as how she’s started her GOOP platform.

She grew up in California, meaning most people around her were the kids of hippie & artsy parents, as she says. Still, around her 7th grade, she moved to New York with her family, and she met the daughters of some prominent businessmen, which was an opportunity for her to ask them business related questions.

“I just didn’t know what the fuck I was doing.” - says Gwyneth about her GOOP beginnings.

“So I thought I just needed to outsource everything, and I thought I needed a grown-up around me to tell me what to do and that was a really interesting part of the process. 

To understand that really I nobody knows what the fuck they're doing, and that you can learn whatever it is that's specific to your business that you need to learn. And then, the more you embody that, the more successful the business has the potential to be.”

Then she talks about balancing her acting career with her business: “I think it's okay to take the slower route and let the content speak for itself and grow in that way.”

She believes it’s worth it creating good content, even if it sometimes doesn’ bring any money. She does hard things well, but the easy stuff - not so well. She openly talks about her downfalls and mistakes in business. She talks about not being scared of controversy: “We like pushing boundaries, we like creating conversations, and we also like creating a space where maybe some of these topics are hard for people to talk about. And by us talking about them, we’ll help eliminate shame in that person's life.”

When it comes to her plans, she says she wants to go one quarter at a time. 

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