How Ronnie Fieg <br> Grew Kith From Store <br> to Brand to Empire
How Ronnie Fieg <br> Grew Kith From Store <br> to Brand to Empire
Photo Credit: Complex Magazine

In this video, we will hear an inspiring story of ambition, persistence, and growth. We will listen about how growing up in Queens shaped Ronnie’s worldviews and mindset.

Ronnie shares his childhood moments with us, bringing us back into different days, and shares what mattered to him then as a kid growing up in Queens.

Something significant happened at his Bar Mitzvah celebration. David Z., a proprietor of a famous NYC footwear chain, showed up as a guest and offered him money as a present, but Ronnie, instead of taking the envelope with cash, asked David to hire him. Ronnie was always fascinated by shoe stores, and he wanted to experience life outside his neighborhood. David gave him the shot. 

He started from the bottom up: at first working in the stockroom. “it was a hard job that I really loved then, and I was really passionate about. I was 13 years old taking the subway after school on a Friday for just a couple hours that I could get, then go Saturday and Sunday by myself, you know, back then it wasn't so safe on the subways, you know what I'm saying, and there were some moments where things got kind of ugly but I wasn't willing to give that up: that was what made me ME, I was learning more from what I was seeing in the space then what I was learning in school; it made me realize that the world was a lot bigger then where I was.”

At age 15 he had a chance to help many celebrities. He worked on the 8th street then. “The Eighth Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue was the most influential block in America. So on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, all the cars would show, and they'd all park on Eighth Street, like someone even parked diagonally because they couldn't all fit, and the cops would let it ride. It was everyone at the time like Diddy…”  

“Mase was always on the block; Big would always show up, Jay was coming every Saturday you know Missy Elliott Busta Rhymes was there all the time it was the era before influencer marketing.”

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