How To <br>Optimize Your<br>Life
How To <br>Optimize Your<br>Life
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The New York Times video journalists provide a revealing and unforgettable view of the world. Whatever they report on.

The New York Times video journalists provide a revealing and unforgettable view of the world. Whatever they report on. In this video, they will help you to optimize your life. . .Or make yourself crazy trying.

Did you know that an average person wastes up to 22 hours a week? That’s almost like having a part time job! Luckily we live in a modern world which means that we have all kinds of tools and services to help us do more in less time, or even do many tasks at once. Interestingly enough, in the 1930s, John Maynard Keynes predicted that with advancement of technology, in the future we would only need to work 15 hours a week, but we somehow managed to squeeze in more work in one hour. 

Sarcasm alert. “All it takes is five simple steps:”

Step 1. Minimize friction, maximize hustle.

“Pack your gym bag the night before. That way, you can grab it on your way out the door without having to think twice or second guess your athletic goals. Read your daily news briefing on the way to the gym, and try to complete a seven minute high intensity workout session, which can improve your oxygen consumption by up to 9%, allowing you to be more productive the rest of the day. Optimization is about thinking one step ahead. If you order your coffee while you're still at the gym, you can pick it up on your way to work practically without having to stop. Seamless. Now you work for a while.”

Step 2. Iterate.

“At the gym, check your emails on the bike while drinking a meal replacement shake with an added shot of MCT oil to stabilize the glucose in your bloodstream and prevent you from getting hungry until dinner or maybe ever again. You're saving time and feeling great. And when you save time and feel great, you're going to have more time and energy to plan out how to save more time and feel even better.”

Step 3. Take it to the next level.

“Wake up in a cold sweat ready to take your day to the next level with step three, which is to skip step three.”

Step 4. Accelerate.

“Fast forward a month. You have optimized your life so efficiently that you're now able to live five whole days in the time it takes most people to live just one. With a quick calculation, you realize that your previously predicted 82 year lifespan, combined with your current rate of productivity, minus the 34 years you lived before you learned how to optimize, actually comes out to a whopping 240 productive years of life for you. And the new pressure cooker you just got that's programmable from your phone will push that to 265. Hashtag worth it.”

Step 5. Eventually, you die.

“You win the international award for most lives lived in one life. No one knows quite what it was you did with all that time. All they know is you sure didn't waste it, right?” William Penn once said, “time is what we want most, but use the worst.”

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