I Signed Over My Company and It Was the Biggest Mistake <br> I Made
I Signed Over My Company and It Was the Biggest Mistake <br> I Made
Photo Credit: Radha Agrawal

Founder and CEO of Daybreaker, Radha Agrawal talks about her entrepreneurial journey from losing a company to starting the early morning dance company that now operates in 25 cities.

Radha shares her perspective on money-raising.  

“There is this sort of machismo around raising money and that really fundraising is golden shackles. You're actually in debt!”

She then opens up about getting over her failures, mistakes, and being inexperienced with investors in her beginnings:

“It's taken me several years to be able to talk about losing Super Sprowtz without crying about it. Because when you're building anything, it's like your firstborn, it's your child and five years of giving yourself to something day in and day out, 100 hour weeks. I was just really naive and really excited, and I signed my life away, and I said, wow, you're going to give me money, and I'm going to take it.”

This initial experience served her as a valuable lesson when she was building Daybreaker.

“What if instead of taking on investors, we chose the independent route? What if we said, okay, no to debt? We're actually going to build a business that has value. We're going to build a business where we're selling tickets; we’re bringing in sponsorships, we are actually building a profitable business from the ground up.”

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