Meet Tom Morris in his Barbican Apartment
Meet Tom Morris in his Barbican Apartment
Photo Credit: The Modern House

Peek in the one-bedroom, top-floor London apartment overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral and the City of London, of a journalist and consultant Tom Morris.

Tom lets us in his cozy apartment with a great view. He thinks that looking at the things on the wall that you love during the day makes life much more pleasant.

“My name is Tom Morris. I’m a journalist and design consultant. We are in the Barbican Estate. Architecturally it's brutal, and it's quite gritty, and on a day like this, it can look quite grim, but it's such a successful example of high-density housing right in the center of a city. The architects, Chamberlin, Powell and Bon, were very encouraging of each flat becoming something of a machine for living in that would adapt over time and could be used by each resident to show their personality.”

His apartment is sun-drenched because of the windows that are everywhere. And because he lives surrounded by the modern architecture of the City of London, he feels that it was needed to mix in some nature inside his place. But he likes to bring in change all the time:

“I mean, I frustratingly change pictures, furniture, and things in here the whole time. But I think as you go through life and you go away for another trip, and you bring a new favorite thing back, houses should evolve with you.”

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