ASAP Rocky in 'Directors’ Cuts Midnight Chats
ASAP Rocky in 'Directors’ Cuts Midnight Chats
Photo Credit: Nowness Magazine

London-based director Jacob John Harmer captures the American rapper talking about life, love, and his crush on Charlize Theron.

Speaking about what and who he finds sexy, he goes:“Charlize Theron is the sexiest white African girl I've ever seen before and I know she was married to Sean Penn, and all that but I'm jiggy, I'm handsome and I just want to let you know that it's the jiggy muthafucker gonna look out for you. If we ever get to see each other and bump into each other I'm not going to do too much, so this is a disclaimer, I want to take your hand in marriage but first, I've got to test the goods so let's go on a few dates. Let me check out your company, the chemistry, and we can go from there, You're beautiful. I love your dimples, I love your eyebrows, too. I know this might seem weird, I'm your admirer, though, and I'm inspired.”

He speaks about his favorite movies and thoroughly explains his spirit animal. “I got a few muthafuckin favorite movies. My spirit animal? I would say a lion, but that's like some cliché shit, right? Everybody wants to be a lion, right? I was born in 1988, and that's the Year of the Dragon, and on top of that, I spit that muthafuckin flame. You dig me? You get me? I spit that fire. So I will be a dragon, muthafucker!”

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